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Anton Von Klopper of Lucy Margaux Wines - Australian natural wine pioneer

Anton Von Klopper of Lucy Margaux Wines - Australian natural wine pioneer

Lucy M wines, the brainchild of Anton Von Klopper are made on the Lucy Margaux Farm in Basket Range, South Australia. Considered one of the pioneers of the Australian natural wine movement, Anton Von Klopper is unstoppable! With a background as a chef and sommelier, we are thankful that all those years ago he decided he needed a change, and after graduating with top honours in enology at the University of Adelaide. Over the next few years he traveled the world working in Germany, New Zealand and the US. After all this learning and adventure, in 2002 with his wife Sally and daughter Lucy, Anton bought 6 hectares of land and began planting vines focusing on pinot noir, and since then Lucy Margaux has matured significantly.

Considered a bit of a winemaking maverick, you’d be surprised to learn that Anton undertook what would be considered a fairly ‘conventional’ wine education, graduating with first class honors from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor's in Agricultural Science and Oenology in 2001. While he excelled at university and was a self-proclaimed bookworm, it didn’t take long for him to begin questioning the rigidity of what he’d been taught. He is, of course, not alone among formally trained winemakers who, once it came time to make their own wines, chose to blaze their own trails and break the rules.

Lucy Margaux wines are crafted to challenge those rules: think deep Pinot Noir, juicy Pinot Gris and skin contact Sauvignon Blanc vibrant white blends. All crafted naturally with minimal intervention and artistic charm. Even though there are high risks with natural winemaking Anton finds the most difficult part is to deal with naysayers who choose recipe over craft.

‘A winemaker can choose to be either an artist or a chemist’ - Anton Von Klopper

Ever the creative, recently Anton has entirely removed sulphur from the Lucy Margaux wine production process. He’s also dramatically cut his production, in the past he’d work with up to 120 tonnes and now he’s down to a poultry 60 tonnes of grapes per year, the idea is to concentrate his efforts, purely working with organic fruit. All while moving from small format fermentation and aging vessels like oak barrels to larger sized vessels like his 7,000 litre barrel made out of Australian Jarrah.

With all of this change, the wines are out of control! Do not miss Margaux's Wildman Blanc, an astonishing whole bunch Sauvignon Blanc. Or the 2020 Lucy Margaux Noir de Florette.

Did we mention; he illustrates the wine labels himself, quite often on the day of bottling too! We could probably write a book about Anton and Lucy M wines (someone probably has) but why not try them for yourselves… if you can get your hands on them.

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