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What is Growers Champagne?

What is Growers Champagne?

The grower champagne movement has been the most profound transformation in the Champagne landscape of the last five decades. Traditionally, Champagne's 15800 growers were only responsible for growing grapes. The production and sale of the region's wines was the domain of négociant houses and co-opératives. A select handful of growers started making limited releases for their own consumption or for local wine bars. Nowadays, 4461 of them produce their own cuvées.

Grower champagnes are smaller in production and capture the expression of a group of nearby villages - or even a single village or vineyard. You can recognise a true grower champagne from the initials "RM" (récoltant-manipulant) on its label. RMs are only allowed to use 5% of fruit from vineyards outside their own estate.

A perfect example is the Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne, a minerally mouth-watering Champagne teeming with the taste and terroir of France's finest. Dried pear, chamomile, mint and dried flowers are just a few of the notes that run through this very expressive drop.

Established in Merfy in 1683, Chartogne-Taillet's vineyards are located North of the Montagne de Reims, on the southern tip of the Massif de Saint-Thierry. At the heart of the Chartogne-Taillet philosophy is the search for the individual identity of their soils, allowing the wines to show an authentic and representative character unique to the village.

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