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Producer Profile: Delinquente Wines

Producer Profile: Delinquente Wines

Greg Grigoriou's mission is simple. He wants to make organically grown, minimal intervention, honest, hand-made wines that not only are great fun to drink, but represent the sun, the red dirt and uniquely Australian terroir of the Riverland.

Born and raised in the Riverland, surrounded by vineyards and the mighty Murray River. Delinquente is Gregs attempt at making the best wine he can from the place he grew up. 

Delinquente primarily makes small batch, minimal intervention wines from Southern Italian grape varieties grown in the Riverland, South Australia. They have also recently launched an incredible range of ready to drink cans, ranging from Spritz's to Piquette's.

Delinquente is “delinquent” in Italian, which speaks to Gregs desire to always buck the trend, break rules and do things his way. To that end, all of the incredible artwork for Delinquente, from the labels, to cartons, tees and even gifs, are created by his good friend Jason Koen, AKA “Ankles”. Delinquente is his passion project, evident in the intensity of his hand drawn labels which pop from across the room, and the deeply important and personal themes that they speak of.

The Riverland can be overwhelmingly hot and dry, particularly through the growing season. For that reason, they've chosen to work with Southern Italian grape varieties – varieties that are suited to the climate, need less water and are naturally drought resistant, are late ripening and retain natural acidity. In this way, they are more environmentally sustainable, and allow them to make wines with lower alcohol levels but heaps of freshness and flavour.

Great drinks, great artwork and just all around good times, don't sleep on these ones.


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