2021 Lucy M Light Red

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Organic Red Wine - 2021 Lucy M Light Red

The 2021 Lucy M Light Red is made from Syrah from McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills Gamay. Lip smackingly good, great with a light chill, drink it at sunset  daydreaming in the garden, or you could enjoy it as Anton has described below but for safety reasons we can't in good conscious recommend it.

"If you are not caught drinking this wine riding down the avenue on a bicycle with your lover on the handle bars, both nude, drinking from the bottle, then you obviously don’t own a bicycle! Magenta translucent vibrance jumps on you. Sumptuous crunchy fun flirts with happiness, drink my plush flesh as the air rushes past us as we free-wheel in the morning light." – Anton Von Klopper - Winemaker Extraordinaire