2021 Lucy M Le Vilain Gris Pétillant Pet Nat

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The Lucy M Le Vilain Gris Pétillant Pet Nat is known for being saline and earthy. It's tart and fresh with burnt orange and fizz. Pinot Gris left on skins for 5 days and then fermented in ceramic amphora until ready to finish ferment in the bottle for the perfect level of spritz. Good time, zesty bubbles, for your consideration. No adds or subtractions as always with the Lucy M. wines.

“Natural wine is simply wine made from grapes. But it is so much more, because ‘natural’ is not greed, capitalism, chemical, or control. It is a metamorphosis to allow the archetypal beverage to form. You must have a relationship with the vines that offer you their fruit, and it would be a sin to manipulate them with chemicals, so they must be farmed organically. To adulterate nature’s work by filtering, fining, or any addition, including small amounts of sulfur, is not natural.” – Anton Von Klopper - Winemaker Extraordinaire