We're Not in Provence Anymore 3-Pack

We're Not in Provence Anymore 3-Pack

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We thought we'd put together a selection of our favourite Australian roses of last vintage into one killer pack. They're all really interesting styles miles away from the bland Provence-style stuff that's currently making the rounds.

The Pantom 'Jet Lag' is a collab project between Lucy Margaux, Tom Shobbrook and Sardinia's Panevino. It's Barossa Grenache and cherry juice. Can you even believe how delicious that sounds?

Borachio's 'Show Pony' tastes like Wild strawberry, sherbet and jalapeño margarita. It's direct pressed Cabernet and Pinot Grigio with just enough Sangiovese to blush its cheeks.

Scintilla's 'Les Petits Riens' is 24 different varieties – all from the same vineyard – thrown in together to make a super complex and hopelessly delicious.