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Sullivan's Cove XO Double Barrel Brandy 700ml


A new Sullivans Cove Brandy, this time labelled as 'Double Cask" being a marriage of brandies aged from eight to ten years in various European and American oak casks.

Is it fair to say this is the best brandy in the country? Probably. If not definitely.

Aromas of grape must, sour dough bread and white pepper aromas are initially grappa-like. Swirling and air contact adds luxurious scents of fruit cake, dark chocolate, brandy cream and cinnamon, sweetening further with dense vanilla and salted caramel. Entry offers prunes, oak shavings and pepper, rallying at the finish with a superb rush of caramel, dates, raisins, cocoa and wood spice. A full-flavoured, vibrant brandy with strong references to quality Armagnac.

This is one to take your time with. Maybe while reading Hemingway.

Vegan friendly

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Sullivan's Cove XO Double Barrel Brandy 700ml


What is natural wine?

The philosophy of natural wine is one of minimal-intervention, from vineyard to cellar. Natural wines are made using quality grapes, generally grown using organic and biodynamic practices, however vineyards may not always be certified as such due to the restrictive nature of these certification systems. Natural wines in most cases won't be filtered or fined, processes which generally involve the use of animal products.

Are your wines vegan friendly?

In almost all cases yes! Generally if you see "unfiltered and unfined" this will be an assurance that no animal products have been used in the process. The fining process is where conventional winemakers will often use egg and fish products (yep pretty gross) to remove sediment from wines. The sediment is natural, healthy and adds flavour so natural wine makers almost always leave some of it in.

Are your wines chemical free?

Yes, we only stock wines that use grapes grown using biodynamic or organic farming methods and will have none of the over 200 additives that can be found in conventional wines, *with the occasional exception of a tiny amount of sulphur. Some organic winemakers choose to add a small amount of sulphur (SO2) to ensure their wines travel better and last longer.


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