Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away 3-Pack

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Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away 3-Pack

Three wines and not an addition between them including sulphur. Nothing but pure grape juice and the yeast that grew in the vineyard. Still, each of these wines is totally clean, pure, and incredibly tasty. 

The 2019 Kunoh 'Alstroemetia' is mostly all Pinot Noir, but made in a couple of different ways. It is rich on the nose, with classic red fruit; and delicate and pillow soft on the palate. Begs for more, like a perfect kiss.

James Erskine is one of Australia's original zero zero winemakers. The 2020 Jauma 'Tikka the Cosmic Cat' is Grenache from the sandy soils of McLaren, Shiraz from the silty soils of McLaren Vale, carbonically macerated; and fuller, dry grown Shiraz from Clarendon. So half-serious, half-fun. All delicious.

The 2019 Pantom 'Merlo Grigio' is a 50-50 blend of Merlot and Pinot Grigio from S.A. made by the Sardianian winemaker behind Panevino. The fruit is simply destemmed, co-fermented, and aged in tonneau but it still tastes unlike anything else from the region.