Quaglia Grappa Classica 700ml

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Italians have probably been distilling spent grape skins for over 600 years, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that they began to realise the potential for grappa to be expressive and complex. Family-owned Distilleria Quaglia has been there pretty much from the beginning of this modern era. 

It was founded in 1871 and now, after four generations of evolution and innovation, Quaglia nestles happily at the sweet spot between tradition and experimentation. 

The Classica treads this line between old and new perfectly. It’s made from the classic mixed marc (skins from different varieties) but aged in stainless steel to keep the flavours pure. This results in delicate notes of raisin and wild rose wafting out from behind the warm alcohol, with a gloriously soft mouthfeel. Killer grappa.