Poor Tom's Sydney Dry Gin 700ml

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Poor Tom's use ten botanicals to create the classic, dry juniper backbone of this gin, including green apple (used here instead of the more classic lemon), native strawberry gum leaf, and aromatic notes of chamomile. Australian lemon myrtle adds a refreshing and fruity citrus note. The finish is grassy, bright and fresh, infused with peppery sweetness.

Crafted with an eye on refreshment and drinkability, Sydney Dry is perfectly showcased in a strong G&T, a Gin and soda, or a dry Martini. Poor Toms' Griffin Blumer recommends you go strong, with a very dry tonic, a fresh strawberry and lots of ice to bring out the red fruit flavours, "Like the name says, it's a dry Gin so it's not sugary. That's why we serve it with a strawberry in a G&T. That's when it starts working its magic." We love the label illustration too. You'll have to grab a bottle to see for yourself!