Pink. Fizzy. Bois. 3-Pack

Pink. Fizzy. Bois. 3-Pack

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Ok, so Paltrinieri's Radice isn't the catchiest name but it is fun to say. The other two though have two of our favourite names of any wines going – Pash Rash and Mount Midoriyama. All these are made as pet nats. Pink. Fizzy. Bois.

The Pash Rash by Borachio is kind of the ultimate in party wines. It's light, refreshing and just great for drinking quickly. 

Konpira Maru's Mount Midoriyama is a bit darker, a bit more robust, but just as delicious. I'd save that one for when there are snacks on the table.

Finally the Radice is just one of our favourite wines in general at the moment. It's Lambrusco made in the lightest possible style. Super, super dry. Molto refreshing.