Partida Creus MUZ Vermouth

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Partida Creus MUZ Vermouth

This is one of those products where if you know you know. And let's just say that only a portion of our allocation ever made it to the warehouse.

Anto & Massimo hail from Piedmont. The botanicals they use come from a herbalist in Torino who’s great grandfather prepared the recipe in 1870.

There's no added sugar here, the palate is a sensory overload of bitter herbs and bark with an exotic spice lick, reminiscent of the flavour profile of another of our favourite drinks –  Capellano Chinato.

Fresh and not cloying, this aromatised wine lingers long. Cocktails, Negronis, over ice with a wedge of orange as an aperitif or served chilled and poured as a digestive, it has incredible versatility. I always have a bottle in the fridge and I'm very pleased its back for summer.