Kings County Straight Bourbon 375ml

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Kings County have emerged as one of the USA’s most exciting craft distilleries, scooping a string of awards and critical successes along the way.

Like all stories that result in the highest quality, this one has many small steps that all reflect a deep knowledge of craft and history.

Kings County Whiskeys are super classy yet full of character. Drawing stimulus from a wide range of Whiskey (and Whisky!) traditions, the Kings County style hinges on a unique, mostly organic (where possible), produce-driven, malt-rich mash bill and its idiosyncratic fermentation and distillation process to create some of the purest and most toothsome Whiskey on the market.

Kings County Bourbon is the same spirit as Kings County’s Moonshine, here aged for an average of two years in new, American oak charred barrels. The nose offers spicy, cedar, fresh oak and roasted malt notes. The palate is really spicy and fine; there’s real depth of malt and fruit cake notes shot through with higher notes of citrus, fresh vanilla as well as cinnamon and other autumnal spices.