Fun and Free 3-Pack

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This pack is really all about fun session wines. All great and all ready to drink now.

2019 Year Wines Wok GMS Blend
With dominant Grenache making up over 50% of the blend, smooth but present red fruits, and a light-footed feel. The Mataro adds some nice savoury grip the Syrah binds them all beautifully. With a typical funky but in no way overpowering edge.

2021 Konpira Maru Panopticon White Field Blend
A true field blend, this Riesling dominated blend was picked in the cool of night, to create a laser focused wine. With all the expected citrus notes but with tropical notes and super satisfyingly persistent acid line.

2021 Konpira Maru Mt Midoriyama Classic Edition Pet Nat
Fruit salad explosion aromatically, with that primary watermelon vibe dominating. Plenty of carbonation which balances the juicy fresh fruit, and mid pallet texture the Gewurz brings perfectly, but also makes it almost too easy to drown a bottle or three.

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