Beer Farm 'Asam Boi' Gose 4-Pack

Beer Farm 'Asam Boi' Gose 4-Pack

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"Beerfarm is built from the ground up, as nature intended. A genuine commitment to great beer, great people and this beautiful land we live on. We believe the future is worth living for.

We’re committed to reducing our water and energy consumption while striving to grow in scale. We run a herd of Black Angus cattle who eat grass from our paddocks and spent grain from the brewing process, and we are always looking for new ways to establish ourselves for the future. While recycling, upcycling and composting are our bread and butter, each day we strive to improve our efforts in sustainable practices wherever we can.

When we’re not making beers, we’re making raucous good times, filled with great food, music and other beer-focussed shenanigans!

True collaborations take the very best of those involved to create something very special. Looking for a true taste of Asia, our friends and collaborators at Smith Street Taps in Singapore suggested the unique sweet and salty character of Asam boi or salted plums to mix with our kettle-soured Berlinner Weiss. The resulting beer is a true taste of Asia in an Australian made beer. A redolent deep orange with a dense rocky head, sweet complex aroma and an evocative and intriguing sugary, sweet, salty, fruity and sour palate. Perfect for a humid Singapore afternoon." 

Josh Thomas, Head Brewer at Beer Farm aka the Beer Farmer