Andres F. Steen Let's Go Disco

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Like many of those who have adopted the take nothing away, leave nothing behind philosophy behind grape growing and wine making, Anders Frederik Steen makes wine from “grapes and only grapes”. He worked as a sommelier and chef across Denmark, his home, most notably as a somm for the inimitable Noma restaurant, going on to open Relae and Manfreds.

He tired of the scene and instead wanted to work more closely with the winemakers he admired, so in 2013 he began to purchase fruit from the Jura. Without stayings in France this proved difficult so he and his family found a plot in Ardeche to permanently stay and grow and work, and, haven't left since. Having a less traditional route in winemaking practice, his career has deeply informed his style, making progressive, adaptable and topsy turvy wines that cannot help leave you intrigued and thirsty for more. The wines are famed for their deceptively simple labels, marked with an interesting turn of phrase, a poem with a sweet lilt, a funny suggestion. Enigmatic, charismatic, tasty.

The fruit for Let's Go Disco was grown by Anders friend, Gérald Oustric, in Valvignières. It is Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Grenache and Syrah, fermented together and bottled with a touch of residual sugar. It is cherry stained, more-ish and a tip of the hat to Anders' now famed cuvee, Freedom of Peach. It's a slippery little rosé that makes you want to party.