2021 Vin De Soif Rouge

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Vin De Soif aspires to craft light, fun pleasurable wines that are for drinking on Sundays. The fruit that goes in to all their wines is sourced from small parcels of certified organic single-site vineyards in Heathcote. 

Alistair Blackwell and Tobias Ansted are Vin De Soif and have been created a collection of small batch wines, a focused on minimal intervention, organic farming practices, Rhone grape varietals.

It's tough to say it better than Mike Bennie, so here you go the 2021 Vin De Soif Rouge everyone:

"Bright and vivacious style, slurpy but with enough tannin to show it who is boss. Kind of feels almost sweet but isn’t, It’s distinctly saline minerally, slightly earthy and leathery, yet, that bouncy fruitiness counter punches well. Sloshes into the palate, grips a little, finishes spicy. It’s a guzzler. Yum." 

Mike Bennie - The Wine Front