2021 Lucy M Vino Rosato Rosé

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The 2021 Lucy M Vino Rosato is a simple and light number, natural wine made from from Pinot Gris and Sangiovese fruit. The fruit was farmed organically, and as with all Anton Von Klopper's wines no adds. Tastes like citrus and grapefruit, some tart berries with woody herbs and touch of spice. A great fair weather picnic companion.

“Natural wine is simply wine made from grapes. But it is so much more, because ‘natural’ is not greed, capitalism, chemical, or control. It is a metamorphosis to allow the archetypal beverage to form. You must have a relationship with the vines that offer you their fruit, and it would be a sin to manipulate them with chemicals, so they must be farmed organically. To adulterate nature’s work by filtering, fining, or any addition, including small amounts of sulfur, is not natural.” – Anton Von Klopper - Winemaker Extraordinaire