2020 Worlds Apart Blewitt Springs Grenache

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Lovely Louis Schofield is an Adelaide wine darling, a jack of all trades and master of most. He got his start at the city's most reputable wine retailer, East End Cellars, before going to work with the late Taras Ochota. Amidst this, he opened a wine bar, Hellbound, which is a haunt of the local wine industry. Across his pursuits he has a keen understanding of craft and consumer, placing wines in a great little pocket of the Aussie winemaking portfolio. Not farming his own fruit as yet, but works hand in hand with incredible growers across the state who prioritise sustainability.

We love Grenache, most Australians do. It feels very much one of the most important varieties in the Australian wine industry. For this wine it was grown in Mclaren Vale, at the Blewitt Springs site. Louis has been working this vineyard for four years, and is finally approaching the expression he has been aiming for, “the Rayas of the Vale”. Tannin that walks across your palate like a line of ants, supple fruit, layered, sensual. If you’re drinking now do so quickly with a bit of chill but if you can bear to wait one or two years, do so.