2020 Travis Tausend Joy Riesling

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I have worked with this fruit for six years now and we are just starting to get to know the shape and style of wine we want to make. The 2020 is picked much earlier than previous wines and the results are great. The wine has a much finer and more flighty palate and the aromatics are prettier and light. The wine still shows all of the minerality and earth from the ironstone and quartz which I have always loved from this site. - Travis Tausend

All of Travis' wines are strictly zero-zero, meaning nothing has been added or removed from the wine. Only pure grape juice and indigenous yeast on show here, folks. This lends a real purity to the wines and the late release (many of his peers are releasing their 2020's as this finds its way onto the shelves) means that the wine drinks without any funkiness.