2020 Stoney Rise No Clothes Pinot Gris

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2020 Stoney Rise No Clothes Pinot Gris
Stoney Rise has been making some of the most serious Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Tasmania for many years now. But the winemaker Joe Holyman isn't really all that serious a guy. And he's not averse to getting into a vat of Pinot nude.

And while I'm sure he'll say this wine is called No Clothes because of the lack of artifice in the winemaking (this is one of his 'natural' wines after all) I bet it's got something to do with him and Mike Bennie nude in a tub of grapes.

It's Pinot Gris left on skins for two weeks to develop the beautiful colour and tart of strawberries that is very likely the best way of enjoying Pinot Gris that has ever been discovered.