2020 Brave New Wines' 5-Pack

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2020 Brave New Wines' 5-Pack

The 2020 Magical Animal Chardonnay. Is still lean, but it is aged in barrel and it has this absolutely pitch perfect struck match aroma that sends us gaga. It's still not exactly the ripe, fruity Margaret River style. But it is a classic, expertly made Chardonnay all the same. Cracking wine and cracking value.

The 2020 Klüsterphunk is the most delicious iteration of the wine to date. It's lost some of that intensely savoury, reductive character and instead drinks like a pure, high acid Chardonnay. It's still not a normal Chardonnay by any standard. It's cloudy, skinsy and intense. It's the perfect Klusterphünk.

The 2019 Döppelganger is their multi-vintage, multi-varietal skin contact white made with wine reserved from the previous vintage. It is an deep amber-coloured wine with rich guava tropical fruit flavours and skinsy, savoury complexity. It's heavily structured, too, with grippy, mouth-watering tannins.

2020 Brave New Wine Rude Boy Shiraz Blend is their most approachable red. Probably because it's got a bunch of white grapes in it, too. It's designed for the park. Preferably with a chill. Preferably out of tumblers with mates.

The 2020 Brave New Wine El Rojo is made from dry-grown Tempranillo, Shiraz, Mencia, Counoise and Cinsault. Bit of whole bunch, some co-fermentation, a whole lotta natural ferment with no fining or filtration.