2019 Travis Tausend Sitting In a Tree Merlot

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2019 Travis Tausend Sitting In a Tree Merlot a bit of cherry, vanilla and cedar on the nose, medium-bodied palate is full of raspberry, cherry, plum and vanilla flavours. A light-hearted and fun Merlot that still maintains decent structure. Fermented on skins for 3 weeks before pressing to tank using a bag press. Settled in tank and then racked to barrel for 12 months.

All of Travis Tausends' wines are strictly zero-zero, meaning nothing has been added or removed from the wine. Only pure grape juice and indigenous yeast on show here, folks. This lends a real purity to the wines and the late release (many of his peers are releasing their 2021's as this 2019 finds its way onto the shelves) means that the wine drinks without any funkiness.

  • Winery: Travis Tausend
  • Grapes: Merlot
  • Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia
  • Wine style: Merlot