2019 Radikon Sivi Pinot Grigio

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The 2019 Radikon Sivi Pinot Grigio is a full bodied Pinot Grigio, grown in Ponca or flysch soil, which consists of minerals from a prehistoric sea bed, clay and sandstone driving exceptional minerality through the wine. Although complex with notes of candied fruit, tangerine, and spice over a savoury pithy texture, it has immense freshness, high acidity and therefore easy drinkability.

Radikon’s story begun in the early 1900s, when the indigenous Ribolla Gialla was planted by the grandfather of one Stanko Radikon. The winery was built on soils a complex mix of sandstone, clay and marine deposits and utilised old-school practices of low-yield farming (producing juicy, concentrated grapes) and hand-harvesting. In 1948, Stanko’s parents took over and widened the plantings to include Merlot, Tocai Friulano and Pinot Grigio. - Please limit your orders to 2 per person.