2019 Moriki Shuzo 'Tae no Hana Kimoto

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The current Kuramoto is Isao Uehara and he is the the 7th-generation of his family to own and operate Uehara Shuzo, founded in 1862. Located on the north-western shore of Lake Biwa in Takashima, where the streets are lined with canals carrying fresh spring water, Uehara Shuzo uses this famously pure water to brew its Sake.

Kameno-o is an ancient table rice variety which produces more robust and deeply flavoured Sake that have a good potential for ageing. The ‘Furosen Kameno-o’ is Junmai Ginjo with the rice polished down to 55%. This Yamahai (traditional starter ferment) sake utilises natural yeast to ferment and is also Muroka Nama Genshu (no charcoal filtration, unpasteurised and undiluted).

This version of Kameno-o from Uehara Shuzo is an excellent example, showing a balanced and savoury character with wonderful ripe fruit and a striking focused backbone. Delicious on its own or with food.