2019 Manon 'Farm Rosato'

2019 Manon 'Farm Rosato'

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Here's what Manon's supplier has to say about the 2019 Farm Rosato. It's fair to say he was impressed:

"I've never ever tasted a wine with structure or a fruit expression like this. This is very Manon Farm and very 2019. When Charlotte and I opened a bottle of this on Friday it literally took my breath away.


Aromatically, there's an almost magical quality to the clarity of fruit....as if you're sensing the aroma of the essence or a distillation of the fruit. On the palate, maybe it's just me, but I feel like this wine communicates this ocean of quartz more clearly than any wine I've tasted from the farm before.


It's extremely precise and pure, the texture is like glass or polished marble and there's a very clear impression of the light that quartz attracts. The fruit is as clear or even more clear on the palate than it is aromatically.


There's a clear varietal impression (cabernet franc / cabernet sauvignon / merlot / pinot noir) and then a mix of delicious dark stone fruit and fresh crunchy fruit too. Despite this essence or suggestion of rich fruit the palate is super vertical and wonderfully taut and elastic.


It's very direct, very long and there's a salivating notion of sappiness in the fruit too. I have no hesitation in saying this is one of the most unique wines I've had this year. I can't recommend it highly enough."