2019 Luca Bevilacqua Lab Rosé

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We've stolen this off Mike Bennie's review on the Winefront. Hi, Mike! Hope you don't mind!

"Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, per se, but a whole other kind of way. Transparent red a few pay grades above rose. Natural wine, no sulphur, all organic, all good times. 

Cherry and cranberry juice, rose hip tea. Slippery texture rolls into ‘like-licking-a-pumice-stone’ minerally feel. It’s just delightful. Freshness is all here, vitality and juiciness. Such a delight, feels almost like a tonic or health drink but with the textural feel something more special. Thirst-quenching to the highest order. I am going to drink a million of these pre-midday in the sun, this summer."

Couldn't agree more.