2019 Halcyon Days Kotare

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2019 Halcyon Days Kotare
Amy and Olly are true lovers of wine and really just want the wines to be correct, pure and delicious. As such, they have a wonderful level of fussiness in the winery which, in my opinion, is a completely necessary ingredient in making excellent wine.

Wow, the Kotare is palate staining excellence. It is mostly Sauvignon fermented on skins (part crushed, part whole bunch) with a small percentage of macerated Gewürztraminer and direct press Pinot Noir. This has been picked in that beautiful crunchy spectrum of green peppercorns and the wine expands and cascades down and across the palate.

The fruit quality is really very good. This also drinks as a light orange wine but I would serve this a little warmer. It's a top aperitif but I would absolutely serve this with thai food (or anything with freshness, pepper and lots of herbs) - I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

– Cam Burton, Halcyon Days’ Australian Importer