2019 Frédéric Cossard Super Pink

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2019 Frédéric Cossard Super Pink

Cossard is famous for producing arguably the best natural wines in Burgundy. He has been organic from the outset using homeopathic remedies in place of systemic chemicals and the most diligent winery practices in place of sulphur. These are truly captivating and rare natural Burgundies. They are some of the hardest wines to find in France and are, in many ways, the ultimate insider wines. 

The eponymous wines of Cossard are made from grapes taken from vineyards that Fred doesn't won. The quality is still super high but in France, vignerons are required by law to differentiate the labels of wines that come from vineyard they own and don't own.

From importer Andrew Guard:

"This is made from Cinsault grown in Vaison la Romaine by one of his good mates, it has an impossible colour, half white, half pale pink and is the lightest, most ethereal Rose wine I have had - tickles the tonsils and stimulates the mind at the same time, a beauty!"