2019 Domaine Bobinet Ruben Cabernet Franc

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Ruben was first made in 2011 after the domaine acquired some new vineyards. It’s the first wine Emeline and Sebastien made together. It’s delicately structured, deep and has plenty of freshness.

A juicy, fruity Cabernet Franc with velvety tannins that tempt you to pour another glass! Ruben is a kind of chameleon, accompanying a wide array of dishes, from aperitif to pudding, fish to meat. 30-day traditional maceration Transferred to barrels after fermentation 8 months ageing in barrels.

The domaine was formed in 2002 when Sebastien Bonbinet took over 1.8 hectares of vineyard and cellar from his maternal grandparents who had retired 15 years previously. The decision to work organically was imperative, especially under the influence of Olivier Cousin. Sebastien started off with 1.5 hectares of Cabernet Franc and 0.3 hectare of Chenin Blanc which he vinified in the domaine’s historic cellar, carved in the tuffeau (limestone) of the Coteaux of Saumur. These wines, which are aged in barrels, gave birth to the first cuvées Amateus Bobi and Echalier. Sebastien together with his partner and fellow winemaker Emeline Calvez are making some absolutely fantastic wines, definitely worth a try.