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2019 Dote Nouveau Syrah


Lots of people buy wine based on the label, and if you do so with these, no one can blame you. The Do.t.e. Wines are made by Filipo Calabresi, a young man seeking alternative answers to contemporary viticulture. Based in Tuscany, a region often noted for its more commercial, mass produced wines from larger D.O.C.'s and G’s, Calabresi’s small plot in Cortona works with small, careful production and gentle farming practices.

In an effort to avoid status or certification he makes charming, expressional wines that not only offer a new, modern face to Tuscan viticulture, but become respectable in their own progressive right.

The Nouveau takes Syrah and Viognier, a typical Côte-Rôtie blend, from a 2ha terraced vineyard planted in 2002. The grapes grow in clay in relatively low density, allowing for much mineral absorption and good water flow. When harvested, they ferment spontaneously with their own yeast in stainless steel or concrete tanks. This is aged in terracotta for six months. The resulting wine is savoury and spicy, full of stewed blackberries, hibiscus flowers, caraway and fenugreek. Finishes juicy and abruptly, making you beg for a second glass.

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2019 Dote Nouveau Syrah


What is natural wine?

The philosophy of natural wine is one of minimal-intervention, from vineyard to cellar. Natural wines are made using quality grapes, generally grown using organic and biodynamic practices, however vineyards may not always be certified as such due to the restrictive nature of these certification systems. Natural wines in most cases won't be filtered or fined, processes which generally involve the use of animal products.

Are your wines vegan friendly?

In almost all cases yes! Generally if you see "unfiltered and unfined" this will be an assurance that no animal products have been used in the process. The fining process is where conventional winemakers will often use egg and fish products (yep pretty gross) to remove sediment from wines. The sediment is natural, healthy and adds flavour so natural wine makers almost always leave some of it in.

Are your wines chemical free?

Yes, we only stock wines that use grapes grown using biodynamic or organic farming methods and will have none of the over 200 additives that can be found in conventional wines, *with the occasional exception of a tiny amount of sulphur. Some organic winemakers choose to add a small amount of sulphur (SO2) to ensure their wines travel better and last longer.


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