2017 I Vicini Dolcetto

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Jean-Yves Peron was raised in the Savoie, an oft overlooked part of France, hugging Italy and Switzerland, famous more for its cows, read: Gruyere! than it’s wines. After studying winemaking, JY went to word with Allemand in Cornas and Schuller in Alsace. A Very similar trajectory to Gianmarco from Le Coste, if you’re interested in the wines.

He returned home after a long time abroad to the village of Chevaline, and took over some vineyards in the district. The altitude is incroyable (incredible), and it’s intensely difficult to manage vineyards in these conditions. Unavoidably so, no chemicals and no machinery are used during the year's production. That combined with a dedication to biodynamic principles ensures the healthiest fruit on ancient, ancient soils. Rare varietals reign – Mondeuse, Jacquere, Altesse, the only true characters that could thrive on a plot so old and meticulously left to nature.

Savoie is not so far from Piedmont, and it’s through this closeness and JY’s affability that he’s formed wonderful connections with growers in Italy. The wine balances fresh fruit character, with a complex array of herbs & spices. In classic Dolcetto form, there's a firm structural backbone but this is less dusty and more joyous than what most of the Italians are serving up.