2013 Le Coste 'PNT' Pinot Noir

2013 Le Coste 'PNT' Pinot Noir

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Before they were running their picturesque estate on the shore of Lake Bolsena, Clementine Bouveron and Gianmarco Antonuzzi met each other in the vineyards of Alsace. After finishing up their working tour of France, headed back to Gianmarco's native Lazio where their historic cellar churns out dozens of different micro cuvees each year.

A highly sought after wine, and with good reason. This tete-a-tete of traditional French oenology through a rustic, Italian lens yields a seismic Pinot Noir; brooding, sexy, dangerous!

The fruit is a selection massale from an ancient Alsatian clone, grown carefully in the Piancabella site. The Earth in this vineyard, sitting 500m above sea level, ripples with mineral rich volcanic soil, giving the fruit an irreplaceable texture, noticeable even when you eat the berries off the vine. Once picked, they ferment in whole bunches for three weeks. They aren't touched much after that, other than transferred to botti to rest.

The fruit is intensely herbal - thyme, myrtle, river mint. The fruit is rich, but not overpowering. Classic red fruit meeting chocolate covered prunes, pickled coriander seeds, hibiscus and lady grey tea. Incredibly interesting and undeniably lush. A super star.