Laneway Liquor is the new retail project from the team behind wine bars Love, Tilly Devine; Dear Sainte Éloise; and Ragazzi Wine and Pasta – a way for us to make the kinds of wines that we’ve championed in our bars for the past ten years available to everyone. 

It’s an exciting time to be an Australian wine drinker, even if we don't get out as often as we used to. That’s because there has never been a time when more amazing wine was available than right now, and it's never been more accessible.

We’ve worked with the newest and brightest winemakers ever since the inception of Love, Tilly Devine, back in 2010. Now, with Laneway Liquor we continue to give preference to wines that are lower in alcohol and oak, that value terroir and freshness, complex wines and fun wines.

We support winemakers who strive towards making wines as purely as possible. People who are working their grapes using organic or biodynamic processes with as little artifice in the winery as possible.

More than that, we support winemakers who are making wines that are delicious! And that’s what you’ll find here. An ever-changing selection of delicious wines ready to be sent around the country on a day’s notice.

You might even get the opportunity to get your hands on some wines we'd normally just drink ourselves!

Love Tilly Devine