Sullivan's Cove XO Double Barrel Brandy 700ml

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A new Sullivans Cove Brandy, this time labelled as 'Double Cask" being a marriage of brandies aged from eight to ten years in various European and American oak casks.

Is it fair to say this is the best brandy in the country? Probably. If not definitely.

Aromas of grape must, sour dough bread and white pepper aromas are initially grappa-like. Swirling and air contact adds luxurious scents of fruit cake, dark chocolate, brandy cream and cinnamon, sweetening further with dense vanilla and salted caramel. Entry offers prunes, oak shavings and pepper, rallying at the finish with a superb rush of caramel, dates, raisins, cocoa and wood spice. A full-flavoured, vibrant brandy with strong references to quality Armagnac.

This is one to take your time with. Maybe while reading Hemingway.