2019 Fujiichi Shuzo Kikutaka Kanazawa Kobo 720ml

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Fujiichi Shuzo was founded in 1870 and is located north-west of Nagoya in Inazawa City. The Toji here is Katsuaki Yamamoto, who took over the head brewing role in 2012. In the short time he was Toji, Yamamoto-san quickly placed Fujiichi Shuzo on the sake ‘map’ with the creation of the ‘Kikutaka’ brand. With this range of products under the Kikutaka label he concentrated on creating sake with a lot of umami and acidity. This is achieved by meticulous work in the Koji room, where he strives to have every individual grain of rice fully coated in the pristine Koji coating before being used in sake production. This level of care and work ethic has ensured the ‘Kikutaka’ brand as being one of the most sort after in Japan. 

This 'Kikutaka Kanazawa Kobo' is made with Oyama Nishiki rice from Toyama prefecture. Kanazawa Kobo references the yeast used in this sake, which is also known as yeast #14. An incredibly vibrant sake, with a fruit-driven aromatic profile. Medium-bodied, the fruity palate lingers with a bright complex acid-driven finish.

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