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Vólta: An Exhibition by George Vavakis - Proudly Sponsored by Laneway Liquor

Vólta: An Exhibition by George Vavakis - Proudly Sponsored by Laneway Liquor

Laneway Liquor is proud to providing wine and drink sponsorship to Vólta exhibtion by George Vavakis.

Vólta is the first solo exhibition by photographer George Vavakis. Reflecting both his heritage and approach to image taking, Vólta is a Greek word meaning to walk or stroll. George wanders around the suburbs of Perth in search of the beautiful and the unusual, amongst the ordinary. Adopting a telephoto perspective he transforms the everyday environments he encounters and invites the viewer to imagine and create the wider context of the images he presents.

As George explains “My focus is on the formal elements of design and photography, and through a strict use of the grid system, I seek to create images that blur the lines between photography and graphic abstraction”.

The collection of 27 35mm and medium format film images, taken over a period of 12 years, represents the evolution of George’s photographic practice over that time. Combining an appreciation of traditional landscape and architectural photography, with a passion for the New Topographic movement and intersecting those influences with his background in graphic design.

The exhibition is combined with the launch of an online print store at with all works available for purchase on Hahnemühle fine art paper in editions of 25. Shipping is available Australia-wide.

The exhibition continues until 30 October, open Wednesday-Saturday 10am-2pm or by appointment.

About the photographer

George Vavakis is a photographer and graphic designer based in Perth, Western Australia. George gained an initial exposure to film photography while studying design in the early 2000s. This casual interest became a passion in 2008 after seeing the very first frames taken with a recently purchased Yashica Mat-124g medium format TLR.

Utilising a hybrid workflow for his image creation, George shoots his natural and urban landscape images exclusively on film, before digitising the images for post-production.The process affords all the benefits of film while also allowing for the speed and efficiency of modern software tools.

Drawing on his background in graphic design, George pays particular focus to the manipulation of formal photographic elements when creating his landscape images.

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