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Travis Tausend Wine

The wines of Travis Tausend

It's no secret that we are big fans of Travis Tausend. Tausend is as much a winemaker as he is an artist. Based in the Adelaide Hills he feels intrinsically tied to the land and thus the things he produces from it. There is an immense gratitude behind each of his wines, year on year as he changes, the wines change too. It has been delightful to taste the evolution in his process with each vintage. 

"The wines that I make have emotion, intuition and energy that has flowed through me at the time of making them. For this reason, the wines will always be different, not only due to vintage variations from year to year, but also the changes and growth within me as a winemaker and person. I hope you find as much pleasure in drinking them as I do in the making."

Travis Tausend Wine

All farming is done using organic techniques, there are no adds in the winery and Travis remains committed to creating very little waste and continually reinvests in  community and environmental causes through monetary donation and volunteer work.

"I am interested in the history of the land, the environmental flow, the cultural resonance and the spiritual weight that weave a narrative into the vineyard. With that history comes a responsibility to care for the land allowing future generations to find it in better condition than when we found it."

Travis has been involved in natural wine making in some way or another since 2005. Since then he been moulding his opinions, palate, perspective and  understanding of what makes him smile when he taste a wine and he clearly brings all of that to every decision that is made in the growing and making of the wines.

All of Travis' wines are strictly zero-zero, meaning nothing has been added or removed from the wine. Only pure grape juice and indigenous yeast on show here, folks. This lends a real purity to the wines and the late release (many of his peers are releasing their 2020's as this finds its way onto the shelves) means that the wine drinks without any funkiness.

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