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The Riesling Manifesto

The Riesling Manifesto

10 years ago when we started Love, Tilly Devine, Riesling was still totally underrepresented on wine lists across the country. No one seemed to know or care how delicious Riesling is. It was a dire situation. One that we couldn’t let continue. So we wrote the Riesling Manifesto. It went something like this.

Riesling is not only one of the greatest joys of the known world, it is also one of the most maligned and misunderstood.

So in the interests of humanity and the patrons of this bar, we present some simple, objective and irrefutable facts on this most refreshing and delicious of beverages. 
  • Riesling is the best drink in this bar.
  • Riesling is the best drink in any bar.
  • Up until the early 20th Century Rieslings were the most expensive wines in the world.
  • Today, Riesling is the best value wine in the universe.
  • Riesling runs the entire length of the sweetness spectrum – from bone dry to super sugary.
  • Made correctly, a Riesling’s sweetness and acidity should be in perfect harmony. That means sweeter styles should have loads of acid, keeping them super-fresh.
  • Sweeter styles that lack this acidity will never be seen in this bar and in fact have no right to call themselves Rieslings. They bring shame and sadness to all true Riesling lovers.
  • Sweeter Rieslings are typically low in alcohol, meaning you can drink even more. Which, given how easy they are to drink, is a huge bonus.
  • There are several unconfirmed reports of Rieslings curing the terminally ill. Seriously.

Oh and did we forget to mention, we've recently collaborated on a Riesling with Sam Renzaglia.

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